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Food Truck


Private Rentals


If you have a corporate or private event, try renting our food truck and we'll come out to serve your clients and guests!  We've done many lunch hours, birthday parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and graduation ceremonies.  All we ask is that you cover travel ($200 per hour outside of Sharon) and pick up our event fee of $250 (which includes 2 hours of service.

Services longer than 2 hours are billed out at an additional $150 per hour). Minimums do apply depending in day of the week and time of day. To inquire on specific pricing please email


Where Can You Find Us?


Our Food Truck is currently doing NO CONTACT pickup in multiple locations, multiple days per week.



Food Truck Menu

House-Made Laffa Wraps

All of our laffa wraps are made on our house made Israeli style laffa bread with creamy hummus, crisp Israeli salad and garlicky tahini sauce. Add- for no charge- israeli pickles, banana peppers, sweet mango sauce, mixed greens or house made schug (hot sauce)



Chickpeas that are ground with fresh herbs and spices, then fried into little vegetarian balls of happiness


Tender Chicken thighs marinated and cooked on a vertical spit, then thin sliced. 


Combo Wraps 


The Chubby chickpea 

  Falafel & shawarma


The Chubby Veggie. 

  Falafel & fried eggplantl



Lunch Plates

All of our lunch plates are meant as a full meal and are served with hummus, israeli salad, Israeli pickles, tahini sauce, imported israeli pita and your choice of side: garden salad, chickpea salad, or rice. 







Fried Eggplant 



Fresh Salads

Our salads are made with fresh local grown produce from Ward's Berry farm in Sharon, MA. As part of our partnership with Ward's, we feature varied lettuces from their greenhouses and fields. 


Greek Salad

  Ward's lettuce of the week, grape tomatoes, pepperencini, kalamatta olives, red onions, feta cheese and housemade creamy dressing.  





Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves.

   Vine leaves stuffed with fresh veggies, herbs, spices and jasmine rice. 




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